8 Daytime Emmy Nomintations.

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Season 4 (2019)

After the events of season 3, Thom and Cal are back in Silver Lake with their relationship on (comparatively) solid ground, Douglas and Quincy are engaged to be married, Hillary and Ian are cohabiting peacefully and Jeremy and Derrick are talking about having kids. But in the world of EastSiders, nothing is ever as romantic as it appears.


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CalKit Williamson
ThomVan Hansis
JeremyMatthew McKelligon
IanJohn Halbach
QuincyStephen Guarino
DouglasWilliam Belli
BriBrea Grant
HillaryBrianna Brown
DerrickLeith Burke
ValTraci Lords
JillLeslie Andrews
JaredSatya Bhaba
TrevorAdam Bucci
JimmyJai Rodriguez
CheyenneMax Emerson
LindyJolly Abraham
SamScout Burke
CliffordJake Choi
CollinTom Lenk
DianeLin Shaye
ChaseDaniel Newman
MartaHailie Sahar
BarbieKarl Westerberg
RichardBryan Batt
Summer ClearanceBrian McCook


Blake LewisHeartbreak On Vinyl
Xiu XiuFabulous Muscles
CrazyBoyPink Diamond
Wiz KiloKill to Know
Wiz KiloBricks
Wiz KiloUndefeated
Wiz KiloLast Nite of my Life
Wiz KiloNocturnal
Logan LynnOh, Lucifer
Logan LynnEverything You Touch Turns to Gold
Logan LynnMy Movie Star
Logan LynnHologram
Hi FashionPupusa
BeginnersGangsters or Lovers
BeginnersEver Love
Beck PeteGently Break It
The HoundCan't Let You Go
Big DipperSkank
TeniaBeautiful Mess
Heart SocietyCall Somebody
Little BrutesCarefully
Ryan MacGrathThat Woods
Baby BashCyclone
Daniel ZaitchikMap of the World
Willow WillowThe Cruelest Kind
Mario JoseYou Were The One
Nelly FurtadoMagic


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